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If you need step-by-step help for something that's not documented in any place referenced above, you might try IRC chat. Maybe there's some online who has the time and knowledge necesaries to help you. It is also the best way to get in touch with the Chakra community. You have a list of Chakra IRC channels below, all hosted by FreeNode.

Before entering a room

Before you enter a room to ask a question, please, search this wiki first. Also, these pages can clear many questions you might want to ask:

System-help.pngFrequently Asked Questions
These are questions about Chakra that often come out in the Forums or IRC.

System-diagnosis.pngFrequently Encountered Problems
Here you will find a list of the most usual problems users have with Chakra, and how to solve them.


Main Rooms

This room is for general discussion. Here you can get in contact with other Chakra users like you. URL: irc:// (Web chat)

This room is for developers. Here you can get on touch with them. URL: irc:// (Web chat)

This room is used just eventually for meetings. URL: irc:// (Web chat)

This room is for support, and here you can get help. URL: irc:// (Web chat)

Language-oriented Rooms

In this room you shall speak Spanish. URL: irc:// (Web chat)

In this room you shall speak Galician. URL: irc:// (Web chat)

In this room you shall speak Hungarian. URL: irc:// (Web chat)

In this room you shall speak Persian. URL: irc:// (Web chat)

In this room you shall speak Italian. URL: irc:// (Web chat)

See Also

File:Favorites.pngJoin all Chakra rooms at once through the FreeNode webchat
This is a fast way to connect to all rooms in some ocassions when you can't or just don't want to use an IRC client.